HANDICRAFT AND HEART AKKITA is a shop fitting company to its fingertips, which deals with designing and furnishing your business premises with retail equipment. We love creating shops that promote sales and produce an image. It has made us young yet passionate shop fitters in a very short period of time. we can offer you the following products: Retail shelves Warehouse shelving Pallet racks Checkout counters Shopping baskets Cooling equipment Accessories WELL-BUILT FROM THE OUTSET We know that, the world is changing and companies should adapt themselves to these changes. We follow sectoral developments so that we can reflect our fresh vision to the store planning each time, with new challenges. AKKITA is reliable, flexible and knowledgeable supplier of shop fittings. And we always will be! SIMPLE AND STRONG Our strength is that we combine the small company’s simplicity and proximity to the customer with the larger company’s resources. It enables us to manage all shop fitting assignments. We can tailor unique concepts as well as build shops that promote sales and reinforce an image with our comprehensive standard system. One or a hundred shops makes no difference. Get in touch with AKKITA! WHY US? A professional team “Turn-key” principle service Short terms of delivery Innovative and original solutions Wide assortment of products

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